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Congratulations on taking this step to learn more about adoption. Adoption Is The Choice With Many Options and we welcome you to the Adoption Connection, PA website.

Adoption Connection, PA is a private, Christian, full service adoption agency. Licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and an affiliate of the StateWide Adoption Network (SWAN), we are also a non-profit 501-c3 charitable organization. Adoption Connection, PA provides guidance, support and direct services to those who are considering the wide range of options that are available in today’s world of adoption.

Whether you are exploring the options available for birth parents today, considering the possibility of becoming a foster parent for a waiting child or thinking about growing your family through adoption, you have begun a wonderful and loving journey - and Adoption Connection, PA is here to help.

We will educate you about the options, the process, the legal issues and the emotional journey. We will also support you and advocate for you – and care for you – as you move forward with your decisions, whatever they may be.

Take the next step of your journey by browsing our site to see the many ways we can help you discover whether adoption is the right choice for you. You can also consider ways that you, your church or other organization can support the life affirming option of adoption.

Feel free to contact Adoption Connection, PA directly:
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